A Few Howls Again


A Few Howls Again "awakens" the brilliant and notorious German journalist and political militant, Ulrike Meinhof (1934-1976) in a stop-motion-photo-animation video loop with titles (no sound). In A Few Howls Again Meinhof is awakened from a re-enactment of the same historical death photo used by Gerhard Richter in his "October 18, 1977" painting project. The project raises questions about contemporary state violence and political resistance, using the past as a filter for the present.

This is the companion piece to Like a clap of thundera stop-motion photo animation that "awakens" Rosa Luxemburg.

Video loop (silent), 9:13 mins.

At left is a short excerpt of the video, and several installation views of the work at the Taipei Bienniel, 2010, and at the MAAT, Lisbon.

Commissioned by Taipei Bienniel, 2010; Curated by Lin Hong-John and Tirdad Zolghadr. Re-exhibited in "Off Screen," Images Festival (A-Space), Toronto (2012), and on Argentine public television.

Direction/editing: Silvia Kolbowski

Co-editor: Harold Batista
Makeup: Agata Helena
Photography consultant: Carolina Palmgren
Actor: Maria Marchenkova

 Production assistant: Jenna Dublin

Please note that pacing is for a large projection.

Edition of 3. A few howls again is in the following collection:

Sammlung Hoffman, Berlin (1/3)

See installation at Taipei Biennial, Taipei Museum of Fine Arts (link)

A Few Howls Again has also been exhibited in Toronto and Lisbon. See C.V.

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