A few howls again? Argentine TV Broadast


An excerpt from A few howls again? was broadcast on VisiĆ³n Siete Internacional, an international news show on public television in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Producer: Francisco Ali Brouchoud.

Transcript of newscaster's comments
At the start of the program we told you that we were going to show you a new experience in television. We're going to give you some background. There is an artist, Silvia Kolbowski, who is Argentine. She has lived for quite a while in New York city. She was born in 1953. She has an artistic practice that is extensive. She has shown in many galleries around the world, her work is in the MoMA, NY, one of the emblematic places for art. And she exhibited a work in the Taipei Biennial of 2010 that is titled "A few howls again?" We asked her for the video, because it is really very striking, and we asked if she would make an adaptation for television, the first time that she's ever done that and she made it especially for Visionsiete International. Adaptation implies reduction; the original lasts 10 minutes, we're going to see a little less than three minutes. What is the work about? It is an animation, in video, of the journalist and political militant Ulrike Meinhof , you will remember her. She was one of the leaders of the Baader-Meinhof group - actually that was the name the media used, the real name of the group was the Red Army Faction. She was arrested in 1972. In 1976 she appeared to be found hanged in her cell - this is an important detail, she appeared hanged in her cell. To this day there are doubts about her death, about whether she committed suicide or was killed. What we are going to see now, which is striking, specifically the work of Silvia Kolbowski, which I repeat was edited specifically for our show, is an unusual format, among other things because it is silent. You are going to see a television experiment that is really impressive. Let's watch it...[video excerpt plays] - it's an interesting experience, no? moreover, without sound, when one is so used to television with sound. Of course the images are of Ulrike Meinhof, re-worked in this special video by the artist Silvia Kolbowski, who we thank. We thought it was interesting, an experience of art that is not normally seen on television. It concerns the international and so that is why we presented it.
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