Like A Clap Of Thunder


Silvia Kolbowski

Like a Clap of Thunder is a stop-motion photo animation loop that brings the socialist historian, pedagogue, and revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg back to life.  This is the companion piece to A few howls again?, a stop-motion photo animation that "awakens" the brilliant and notorious journalist and militant, Ulrike Meinhof. 

Co-editor: Harold Batista
Actor: Abigail Collins
Photography: Carolina Palmgren
Rasterization/animation: Maxim Kolbowski-Frampton
Makeup/hair: Natalie Livingston

Video loop (silent), 9:43 mins. 

Edition of 3. Like a clap of thunder is in the collection of: 
Sammlung Hoffmann, Berlin (1/3)

See video excerpt below.

Silvia Kolbowski: A Few Howls Again, Gallery 44, Toronto, 2020. 

"Tension and Conflict," MAAT, Lisbon, 2017. 

"That I am reading backwards and into for a purpose, to go on," The Kitchen, New York, 2017.

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