These goods are available at ____2021


These goods are available at ____2021 is a video produced in response to a curatorial request from the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, to re-stage for the exhibition Zeroes and Ones my 1990 project, These Goods are available at____, which shuffled window displays around selected sites in London and Paris, creating a critical urban narrative out of the itinerary. The 2021 video addresses why current urban and economic ideology made it impossible to re-stage the work today, and was my contribution to the Zeroes and Ones exhibition.  It utilizes crowd-sourced filters on the Snapchat platform, a convenient way to produce a video during the Covid lockdown.

The video can be seen on the Ortvi website, or contact the artist.

09:45; color; sound; looped.

First installation photo: Laura Hoffmann; second installation photo, Gessellschaft fur Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen.

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