Missing Asher


In 1990, for a group exhibition in gallery in Soho, New York, I appropriated a conceptual work by the renowned artist, Michael Asher, and made it the centerpoint of an artwork that looked at the dynamics of the group exhibition genre. That work was sold during the exhibition. Twenty-seven years later, I was asked to make a contribution to an exhibition on the work of Christopher DArcangelo and its relationship to the work of Asher. This project traces the trajectory of my 1990 work, and its surprising story  involving multiple sales, bankruptcies, auctions, over-leveraging, and an unexpected resting place for the work- is told in this looped video.

The 1990 project, Enlarged from the catalogue: Michael Asher..., can be seen here [http://silviakolbowski.com/projectDetail.cfm?ID=9]. 

This project was commissioned for You may add or subtract from the work: On the work of Christopher D'Arcangelo and Michael Asher, March 23-April 23, 2017. Mackey Garage Top, MAK center, Los Angeles.

Video loop; 00:08:52.

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