Review, 1989


Review is an installation that incorporates reviews of a previous exhibition by the artist, written by both professional critics and students. The reviews are of Enlarged from the Catalogue, USA (Kolbowski, 1989), and are installed in relation to an early 19th-century cloud-study by the Romantic artist, John Constable. In the installation, frames and matting are matched to the cloud study painting to create a visual "excerpt" of the painting in the room, posing the contradictions in Constable's cloud studies in relation to points made in the reviews. 

This "framing" foregrounds a persistent desire on the part of contemporary spectators to have artworks comply with culturally misunderstood notions of Romantic tenets in art. A wall panel with related material, and questions posed by the work, accompanies the installation.

In the collection of MAMCO, Geneva.
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