Seven x 7


Sevenx7 is a video project commissioned in 2000 by Nancy Bulalacao for Seven clothing boutique, one of the first (and few) high-fashion boutiques then located on Orchard Street, on the Lower East Side of New York City. During its short duration, Seven was interested in exhibiting art as well as fashion. This video was meant to comment on such changes in the neighborhood, through anonymous voices found there. The video consists of excerpts from interviews held with seven people connected in various ways with the state and history of Orchard Street, and with the boutique itself: merchants, residents, press agents, etc. Each interviewee is represented by several comments, each coded by one color in the video. Rolling type runs across a man and a woman being dressed in clothing from the boutique.

(Video 14:37; looped. A short excerpt can be viewed on the left.)

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