Just how detached from social and economic realms is the space of yoga practice? This is one question posed by "Unposed," a project developed specifically for the Y8 Art and Yoga space in Hamburg. For this project, students in the class were asked to submit photographic images of activities that are not yoga, but are, like yoga, connected to the release of surplus bodily energy that exists outside of functional activities. Functional activities are defined as those relating to eating, sheltering, sleeping and earning a living. For the installation, the snapshots brought in by the students are projected on three panels around the yoga space, intercepted by the bodies in the space, and at a pace and sequence different from the rhythm of the yoga poses and breaths. In addition, a wall text describes the images linguistically in two different ways. While a multitude of activities are brought into a space that generally foregrounds one activity, the project also points to the idea of surplus bodily energy as utopian, since in contemporary society all activities are inextricably interconnected...sports and tourism...leisure and consumption...hobbies and work...war and commerce....

(200 slides, continuous projection, wall texts)

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See the site below for more images, excerpts of wall text, student comments, and an essay by art historian Theresa Georgen. (see "Art" heading/Silvia Kolbowski)

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