Once more, with feeling


Once more, with feeling is a two-part project (at galleries in New York and Paris) that engaged the generic white gallery space. A challenge to the "tabula rasa" idea of the empty gallery space, and to the cultural demand that the artist fill it in conventional ways, the project is comprised of objects of mass and limited production. Included are a large-run of an offset poster of each empty gallery space, with quotations taken from local, time-sensitive publications, and a limited edition gold silkscreen of the same image of the empty gallery space displayed behind a metal railing. The full run of posters and their packing tubes were displayed next to the print and railing. Conceptually speaking, if the posters are all sold during the exhibition, the gallery becomes half empty, with only the gold print and railing remaining.

The print and poster of Once more, with feeling are in the collection of:

The Museum of Modern Art

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