an example of recent work may be found in the windows of Harry Winston Inc., from approximately 5:17 to 5:34 pm


This project involved the selection of an existing urban site, Harry Winston Jewelers ("the most exclusive jeweler in the world"), a time frame established and described in the title, an invitation sent to a large mailing list (from Postmaster's Gallery), and an advertisement placed in Artforum magazine. 

Nothing at the site was altered; the project took advantage of the fact that Harry Winston Jewelers rotates the display of jewels every day in their street vitrines, and replaces these jewels every day at the same time with backlit photographs when the store closes. The title alludes to this display, transition, and to the highly crafted objects in the windows, which were similar to the contemporaneous regression to highly crafted objects typical of much of the lauded artwork of the late 1990s.

Selected Bibliography

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