If it should turn out to be true...


This project was commissioned by La Panacée, Montpellier, France, for the exhibition A Letter Always Arrives at its Destinations, curated by Sebastién Pluot. Two short video oops play on adjacent large video screens or room projections. 

In this video-loop project, two excerpted quotes about technology - from earlier decades - from the writings of philosophers Hannah Arendt and Jacques Derrida are deformed through algorithmic code, today's social organizing model. 

The first portrait to show eyeglasses was painted in 1352, in the middle of the same century that saw the first known use of the word "prescience." Philosophers often "pre-see" the future for us. Not because of divine omniscience, but because the best philosophers seek to understand the predominant systems that give form to impressions. 

Two video loops on adjacent screens: 00:04:17; 00:02:48. Edition of 2. 

Coding: Gal Sasson; Design: Maxim K-Frampton

Link to exhibition: http://lapanacee.org/en/event/letter-always-reaches

Video excerpt; studio view:

If it should turn out to be true...2014 [excerpt/studio view] from Silvia Kolbowski on Vimeo.

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